At Sanctus Consulting we are really very passionate about our customer services and satisfaction, that's why we take what our clients say seriously, here are some genuine customer testimonials & reviews about a variety services that we provided for their organisations.

As a business, over the years we were continually frustrated with our dealings with all the major utility companies, from the burdensome communication issues, tracking constantly evolving contracts and keeping abreast of the ever-changing rates. In this respect, entrusting Martin Stevenson of Sanctus Consulting has taken all the taxing issues away and has allowed us to concentrate on the core of running the business.

To our mind, it is all about economy of effort, and this respect Martin has consistently proved to be a perfect conduit of information which in turn has allowed us to fast track towards the better deals thereby making the decision-making process simple and effective. Any business, regardless of size, would do well to engage his services, safe in the knowledge that he will come up with the best rates coupled with favourable contract terms.

Darren Woodmass

Accountant, Cowells Garden Centre

I have known Martin for over 10 years and he has looked after the Groups requirements for all utilities. Martin is much more than just a broker, he goes above and beyond his remit and will visit sites to take meter readings, liaise with suppliers on all matters, whether it be back dated contracts or direct debit issues or general account queries. He also deals direct with my accounts team and will query and analyse all bills.

Even on renewals, Martin will come fully prepared with a full analysis of the market and will always advise of his thoughts and at times will not sign if he feels the unit price is not acceptable.

Due to our relationship I on a regular basis benchmark him against other brokers/companies and he is yet to be beaten. Its due to him that I feel extremely versed in the utility market and how it works. Sanctus are extremely pro-active, very conscientious and a company who always deliver.

Atul Malhotra

Operations Director, Malhotra Group PLC

Our initial experience of Sanctus was when we involved them to help resolve a dispute with our gas supplier as a result of a filing on the part of the incumbent national utility broker.

We were so impressed by their approach and expertise that we then appointed them to manage our utility contract procurement. That was back in 2010 and we have been very happy with the advice and service we have received and periodic benchmarks have confirmed that they are also providing us with a competitive price. Many people view utilities as a commodity but when there’s an issue with invoices or when we have needed to move meters or upgrade our infrastructure it has been re-assuring to know that we could rely on Sanctus to manage this process.

Paul Holliday

Financial Director, Henry Colbeck Ltd

We have been customers of Sanctus for over 5 years now, and I’m happy to say that over this period we have received excellent service from Martin and his team.

Prior to working with Sanctus, we had several different companies supplying gas and electricity to our offices across the UK. When Martin came on board, he very quickly amalgamated these into one simple, co-terminus contract that not only saved us time, but money as well.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sanctus to anyone. They are a truly professional company who work hard to turn the somewhat complicated business of energy contracts into easy to understand, everyday language.

Stephen Killinger

Operations Manager, Ringtons Ltd

As with a lot of multi-site businesses we are faced with a large volume of calls every day from a whole host of energy suppliers and brokers.  As we have grown so has the number of sites we own, and we have new commercial sites coming up all the time.  To deal with this headache, we decided to go with a commercial recommendation.  We knew we needed someone to manage our energy supplies, so we decided to bring the whole of our energy management procurement and account management under one umbrella.

The team at Sanctus Consulting have managed the whole process on our behalf from enquiry stage to new contracts becoming operational/live.  They have dealt the entire process in a highly professional and efficient manner.  Sanctus’s industry knowledge, relationships and hard work has given us an easy transfer of suppliers and competitive prices fixed over the best periods at any given time.

Sanctus have also provided great guidance and support planning the installation of both power and gas supplies.  This end to end service has freed up a huge amount of resource at All Saints Developments to focus on our business, safe in the knowledge our energy supplies are taken care of.

Chris Nunn, Business Development Director

All Saints Living

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