We understand how different developers and contractors require different areas of help and advice with the utilities that are required whether it be for a single utility gas or electricity or a dual utility solution.

We understand how different developers and contractors require different areas of help and advice with the utilities that are required whether it be for a single utility gas or electricity or a dual utility solution.

Multi Utility Supplies

Multi Utility connections for gas and electricity, is a service that we can offer. We have industry experts in the gas and electricity working for Sanctus Consulting and providing multi utility services that will suit the requirements of your development.

Temporary Builders Supply

Whilst you are awaiting your quotation for the utilities we are able to provide the developer or contractor with a temporary builders supply on site for the power to the site office or any other machinery that requires power.

Sanctus can undertake metering work of any size and at any stage of the supply operation, our role can include assistance with project management designs, supplier choices, field operations and meter connections. We can liaise with all of the relevant parties such as developers, project managers, utility companies and local distribution companies to have supplies connected without any disorder.

We are able to offer advice on all types of commercial and industrial meters available on the market. These include:

- COP 3 and COP 5 electricity metering

- From U16 to U160 gas meters

- Sub metering for Part L Building Regulations

- Multi-utility metering

- Smart-metering

- AMR water and gas loggers

- Half-hourly sub metering

We believe that we are advantaged because we are established, independent and have an excellent working relationship with all of the relevant parties in the market. This allows us to be unbiased and focused on what best suits the client’s needs.

If you are looking to re-energize, de-energize, upgrade, downgrade, change profile or even alter the location of your commercial water, gas or electricity supply, we can offer a pragmatic solution.

The installation of half hourly metering on sites below 100kW is optional.  For sites with a maximum demand over 100kW, half hourly metering is mandatory, and necessary to procure an electricity supply agreement. In order to install half-hourly metering an accredited Meter Operator must be appointed. Energy suppliers will appoint a meter operator on your behalf unless you appoint your own.

A Meter Operator or (MOP contract) is required for all half hourly electricity contracts. This contract covers the supply of the meter, maintenance and the telecommunications for sending consumption data to the energy supplier.

What is a MOP Contract

A Meter Operator (or MOP) will fit your meter and then provide ongoing meter maintenance. If your meter is a non-half hourly meter (NHH) your supplier will allocate the local meter operator to install metering at your site. If you require a half-hourly meter (HH), you will need to choose a meter operator to attend to fit the meter. You must arrange a contract (known as a Meter Operator Agreement or MOP contract) with your chosen meter operator in order for this work to go ahead.

Half Hour MOP Contracts

Sites with a maximum demand of over 100kW are required to have metering installed that is capable of measuring consumption in half hourly periods. The meters are read remotely via a telecommunications link.

Q. What is the cost of a meter operator contract agreement?  A meter operator agreement costs between £300.00 to £750.00 per annum dependent on the meter operator and type of meter. There is usually a separate charge for the communications link for data transfer from the meter.

Q. How do I set up Meter Operator Agreement? Once the meter operator is chosen, a contract for supply should be arranged. The contract will include payment for the meter to be fitted as well as an annual payment for the maintenance of that meter. The MOP agreement will not organise a meter installation date. You will need to liaise with your supplier in order to get a meter installation date after you have set-up a MOP Agreement. Without this MOP Agreement in place, the meter installation date cannot be arranged.

Sanctus can arrange the whole process of Half Hourly meter installation for you.

How we can help you...

Business Energy

Much like the stock market, the price of electricity and gas is unpredictable and as we have seen in recent years, can fluctuate considerably.

Business Water

The water industry in England deregulated on 1 April 2017 allowing increased retail competition and will enable business customers more choice over their supplier.